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David \"Jojo\" Wong wrote:

> Funny thing is that Iron Giant made peanuts (barely 20 mil) compared to
> Tarzan. Of course, there was the same claim that Warner Bros fucked up the
> promotion, but I saw just as many ads promoting IG as Tarzan, personally.

Yes, and the animation department I believe dissolved after that movie was
made. WB fucked up. Their promotions were numerous but vague and badly laid
out. Too bad, I was hoping they'd make another movie in the same style. Maybe
they still will.

> But we're only speculating that Disney is arrogant enough to try to protect
> their own crap. I seriously think Disney isn't that stupid. I mean, here we
> are, three guys, who probably aren't the biggest economic and marketing
> experts tobegin with, pointing out that Disney, with all of their educated
> and plentiful marketing experts, is wrong. Come on.

You may not be aware that I worked for their Animation division for 2 years.
That does not make me an expert. It does give me two years of dealing with
their mountains of dumb suits. You claim that Disney has educated marketing
experts. That may be true. But, these marketing experts... they're not
consultants, see? They are in a sea of other execs, all of them playing a
political game of kiss ass/backstab in order to advance. Not only that, none
of them want to be the guy that Eisner points to when he's ready to blame
somebody. So they don't take risks. "Dinosaur", although not a great idea,
initially had potential. Disney, with their mountain of suits, shithammered it
into a pale copy of all their other movies. They've got about 30 of "Land
Before Time" in it, you know why? Because the director had worked on one of
the sequels. Before he was personally fired by Speilberg. Put *that* on your
resume if you can. Too many cooks. It's like have 200 coaches on a basketball
team. You think that's going to work, even if they're all knowledgeable? No

The anime companies have, from what I can tell, far less dummies up top
sticking their untalented hands in the mix. Their directors seem to have a
better handle on good stories. What they lack is money to ram their product
down the throats of the masses. Some seem to have the approach of "If you
build it well, they will come". That's admirable but hard to survive against
the onslaught of American big-funded mediocre movies.


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