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> > Your friends are a minority group, then. According to Box Office
> > the "shit" movies you are talking about make a hell of a lot.

After the production, people narrowly escaped losing their ass
for 200$ million... that's not make money they throw around
either, that's box office, which the studio doesn't get all of. If
you spend 50$ million to make a movie, and get 200$ million
in BOX OFFICE money, you won't make shit...

Lets take that a step further, 200$ million at 5$ per ticket, hmmm
that says that 400 thousand people saw it, which is less than 1/2
of 1% of all the people in the US, so who is a minority...

5$ per ticket is a happy medium number made from averaging the
lower matinee sale figures with higher cost, more occupancy sales
of evening tickets.

So lets say the movie company gets half the box office numbers
then they pay back their 50$ million starting budget, and have 50$
million left over, now the people who gave you the first 50$ million
have waited nearly a year and a half for basically doubling their
money... unfortunately movie studios don't get half of the box office
numbers, and like Alfred said many movies tank.

> Yes, we are in the minority there. But the concept of "make a hell of a
> on its own, doesn't really explain anything. Sure, "Armageddon" made over
> $200 million. But for the budget it had, the star power, etc., it should
> made a load more. Many people would say that movie was a success but
> with half a brain knows it was a failure.

I was only ballparking at 50$ million, it may have cost more...

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