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> David \"Jojo\" Wong wrote:
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> > Your friends are a minority group, then. According to Box Office
> > the "shit" movies you are talking about make a hell of a lot.
> >
> Yes, we are in the minority there. But the concept of "make a hell of a
> on its own, doesn't really explain anything. Sure, "Armageddon" made
> $200 million. But for the budget it had, the star power, etc., it should
> made a load more. Many people would say that movie was a success but
> with half a brain knows it was a failure. Didn't win an effects Oscar,
> either. Money is only one way to judge movies. And many crappy movies
> real hard. Thank god "Supernova" fizzled, I don't want movies like that
> encouraging movie studios to continue making shit. More movies tank than
> think.

So do a lot of good ones, which was my point. The Insider bombed and it got
a lot of good buzz and hype. Mononoke got as much buzz as any indie film,
yet it was one of the poorest profit makers of all the indies in 1999.
People just didn't flock to it like they did Being John Malkovich or even
Run Lola Run (I saw more Mononoke commercials than I did Lola).

I'm not saying you guys are wrong, but it seems that the possibility that
Mononoke just didn't click with audiences don't enter into your equations.
Bad things happen to good movies. Sometimes all the money thrown at a film
can't save it.

The biggest OT thread yet...


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