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David \"Jojo\" Wong wrote:

> Hmm. Okay. I'm no expert on software packages and their quality, so I'll
> take your word for it.

Try using their crap in production, like I am right now, and you'll really feel
the sting of lame product. When your Dreamcast freezes on you in the middle of
the game, guess why. Windows CE. I seen my friend's do that multiple times
already. No pride having mediocre programmers.

> But going back to Disney (I can't resist) my main theory is that Disney is
> holding the rest of the Ghibli films until it is the right time, so they can
> maximize their profits with as little money spent on promotion as possible.

Think of it another way (I'm not saying Disney *is* doing this, just trying to
show you how long term can benefit when short term does not) - Disney gets some
high profile anime movies (like, say, from one of the greatest living anime
directors) and makes sure, through delays and poor publicity/distribution, that
they tank. So lesser anime movies will come out on the heels of a "the best
anime from Japan couldn't generate shit for profit here, nobody is interested"
vibe. Why do this? Because you'd rather have 100% of a market (animated
movies) than 80% (other companies putting out anime movies against yours).
They might be trying to keep the equation 'good animation = only Disney'
alive. Not that I can see that happening for much longer, "Iron Giant" was
better as a story and just as good for animation than anything Disney's put out
in the last 20 years. And Dreamworks, if they can shake loose from their
Disney roots, will compete with them as well.

> promotion as possible again. I'm sure Disney would have just loved to have a
> title like Pokemon that kids swarmed to without much promotion (yes,
> Pokemon's debut on US TV was quiet--kids swarmed to the early mornings on
> their own, THEN Nintendo started to promote the hell outta it).

Not if Pokemon doesn't conform to their idea of "family entertainment", they
wouldn't. They're arrogant, they think they're the only ones that understand
that market here. They're wrong, but they're powerful enough to try and keep
that idea alive.


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