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David \"Jojo\" Wong wrote:

> Your friends are a minority group, then. According to Box Office figures,
> the "shit" movies you are talking about make a hell of a lot.

Yes, we are in the minority there. But the concept of "make a hell of a lot",
on its own, doesn't really explain anything. Sure, "Armageddon" made over
$200 million. But for the budget it had, the star power, etc., it should have
made a load more. Many people would say that movie was a success but anyone
with half a brain knows it was a failure. Didn't win an effects Oscar,
either. Money is only one way to judge movies. And many crappy movies tank,
real hard. Thank god "Supernova" fizzled, I don't want movies like that
encouraging movie studios to continue making shit. More movies tank than you


"You know, you put this same crew on an oil rig, nothing would change."

- StJohn, on the Zen of DD

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