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Thu, 30 Mar 2000 15:43:43 -0800

>> and 3. I'm doing an order with HLJ, how are they for shipping?
>If you're from the United States, it's not much of a problem.
>But if you're in another country, ask people who might know. I'm from the
>Philippines and my SAL order took more than four weeks to get here and I
>even had to talk to customs to get my stuff through. I paid something around
>50 US cents to get each package through. Still a minor irritation for me.

SAL is cheap, and the shipper is to blame for the slowness, not HLJ. I've
often used SAL when I order from Rainbow Ten, and have never lost a package.
US customs doesn't bother my orders from Rainbow 10 via SAL, regardless of
how large the package is.

Unless you have the "GOTTA HAVE IT NOW" syndrome, I see little value in
having the kits shipped via UPS (the ONLY way HLJ will ship to U.S.
customers). UPS does insure their packages, but I have yet to hear anyone
who filed a claim and got their money back. If the box arrives all beat up
and damaged, it doesn't really make a difference whether it was sent via
UPS, SAL, or EMS. Put it bluntly, I enjoy the multiple shipping options
Rainbow 10 offer. They can send your order via SAL, EMS, or UPS. They'll
even tell you the cost for each shipping option so you can decide how you
want your kits shipped.

>They pack just ok - but I mainly got magazines, books and a toy I couldn't
>get anywhere else from (Nadesico stuff). I've not experienced damage in any
>case - but they could have at least used some foam or protective material
>for delivery. I'm thinking of buying a kit from them soon.

Buying magazines from HLJ can end up costing more on shipping than the
actual item you're buying. You're probably better off ordering from the
US branches of Asahiya or Kinokuniya bookstores. HLJ is kinda notorious on
lack of protective packing material. I think at best they toss in a few
sheets of newspaper, but more often than not the box is packed to minimize
box shuffling, even if that means your item would suffer package damage.
Rainbow Ten is more considerate by comparison, they bag all your items up
before putting them in the shipping box. But it kind of sucks that they
want to charge a commission on orders less than 3,000 yen these days.


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