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> David \"Jojo\" Wong wrote:
> >
> >
> > That was much, much later. The original debut of Sailor Moon in America
> > 1995 was not met with warm reception among most anime fans and the
> > in general. Only later did they discover its virtues. Trust me.
> >
> Remember too that not all anime is the same. Just because you tell
> about a new anime series that doesn't mean they're going to like it sight
> unseen any more than if someone who likes "ER" and "NYPD Blue" is told
that a
> new hour-long drama is coming to TV. That's too vague. I love a lot of
> I could give a damn about Sailor Moon or Pokemon or any of that other
> crap.
Yes. There are a lot that fall into your camp. Er...the Pokemon thing
doesn't help me, though.

> >
> Yes and no. Disney's movies will always appeal more here so long as only
> animated movies like theirs are the only option in the theaters. Once
> get the chance to experience a few animated movies that are of a
> style then a better comparison can be made. All of my adult friends
> "Heavy Metal" and "Wizards", even with its dated animation, over a
> higher production value Disney movie (especially the recent shit ones).
> animation in "Akira" was about equal to Disney movies. The animation in
> In The Shell" is much better. By better I mean much more realistic and
> watchable. I believe Disney still uses more frames per minute in a
> sequence, I could be wrong.

Well, Disney has more movement overall. No mainstream audience could sit
through all those freeze-frames in Ghost. Are your friends non-anime fans?
> >
> > And there's also the possibility that Mononoke is lame compared to many
> > Disney films. I disagree, but there is a large (very LARGE) audience
> > have seen Mononoke who declare it to be inferior to most Disney films.
> The same dummies that gave "Armageddon" $200 million.
Exactly! What I'm trying to say is that teh dummies outweigh the smarties.


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