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David \"Jojo\" Wong wrote:

> That was much, much later. The original debut of Sailor Moon in America in
> 1995 was not met with warm reception among most anime fans and the Americans
> in general. Only later did they discover its virtues. Trust me.

Remember too that not all anime is the same. Just because you tell people
about a new anime series that doesn't mean they're going to like it sight
unseen any more than if someone who likes "ER" and "NYPD Blue" is told that a
new hour-long drama is coming to TV. That's too vague. I love a lot of anime,
I could give a damn about Sailor Moon or Pokemon or any of that other infatile

> You're assuming Mononoke would make it big in the future if it was given the
> chance. I'm amused that fans can't accept a failure, can't accept the fact
> that maybe many didn't want to see Mononoke. They blame it on the promotion,
> blame it on Disney (yes, Disney is ALWAYS bad), blame on everything except
> the possibility that Mononoke maybe just didn't click with audiences. Sure,
> anime rules the internet and kid's TV, but the fact of the matter is that
> Disney's films will always appeal to the mainstream tastes more. Disney's
> films are bigger budget, better animated (according to most--I'd disagree,
> but I'm an anime fan) and simpler to understand. You're assuming that "good"
> stuff will always make money. Not necessarily.

Yes and no. Disney's movies will always appeal more here so long as only
animated movies like theirs are the only option in the theaters. Once people
get the chance to experience a few animated movies that are of a different
style then a better comparison can be made. All of my adult friends prefer
"Heavy Metal" and "Wizards", even with its dated animation, over a typical
higher production value Disney movie (especially the recent shit ones). The
animation in "Akira" was about equal to Disney movies. The animation in "Ghost
In The Shell" is much better. By better I mean much more realistic and
watchable. I believe Disney still uses more frames per minute in a typical
sequence, I could be wrong.

> And there's also the possibility that Mononoke is lame compared to many past
> Disney films. I disagree, but there is a large (very LARGE) audience who
> have seen Mononoke who declare it to be inferior to most Disney films. Maybe

The same dummies that gave "Armageddon" $200 million.


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