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i've actually purcahsed a dvd on CCA, but the quality is horrible. in fact,
i cant even finish the movie because toward the end of the movie, the dvd
tends to get out the sync/track, and it will force my dvd player to search
for the next sector...eventually, it will just come to a stop...

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> >i've been looking for char's attack and f91. where may i find those?
> >
> >Chris
> AnimeVillage has not announced a release date for either, although they
> seen to be sitting on a subbed F91 since their launch.
> You can easily find both on DVD on eBay, but they are HK bootlegs and from
> what I heard, the English sub on the CCA DVD is horrible. The F91 DVD is
> okay but there's no English sub and it's from an inferior source (most
> likely VHS, as the cigarette burns remain intact).
> Eddie
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