Tomonaga (
Fri, 31 Mar 2000 09:08:59 +1200

Nightingale already posted the news at the Newtype Asylum but it's not
obvious that it is a bonus disc so I thought I mention it here.

It will be released on June 29 at 2800yen.

The disc requires the save data from the original game to access and
basically adds several features to the existing game. eg start the game
as any faction, replay unlocked movies as well as hidden ones, play
several 'real' operations such as Odessa and Solomon, access cheat
option - infinite money, increase the difficulty even more by limiting
available options such as MS/MA, view personal game stats/data, Gundam
knowledge quiz, and finally the preview movie of the upcoming SD G
Generation 3 game.

Sounds pretty much like features that should have been included with the
original game had it all fit on one disc...


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