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> Hey Folks,
> I just wanted to introduce myself to this list. My only real exposer to
> gundam is Gundam Wing, but I still love the stuff anyhow.
> anyhow, Ive got a few questions;
> 1. where is the best place to get gundam models
> (Beside HLJ)?
> 2. Where can I get dubbed or subtitled movies of the previous series?
> and 3. I'm doing an order with HLJ, how are they for shipping?
> thanks folks,
> -Jay
    Well you can buy the official releases at www.animevillage.com
The first three movies (compilation of the original series), Gundam 0080,
and Gundam 0083 are available there. Other series have been fansubbed but
speaking of such things is not appreciated by he who maintains the list.
HLJ is decent for shipping. They ship UPS to the US, unless otherwise
specified. It has at most taken me three weeks to recieve my models once
HLJ siad they had been shipped. The best place to buy models is entirely in
the eye of the beholder. HLJ and Rainbow Ten have been the best in my
experience. Here's the addy www.wbs.ne.jp/bt/models/english/index.html

-Ryan Freeman-

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