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> > I agree, but I do see the sentai mentality in
> Gundam, but its not huge
> and
> > there's nothing wrong with sentai. Sentai
> basically means a team anyway.
> I

how about derailing this a bit to how the 5 guys

i don't see much in g wing that details each boy's
fighting skill and style. all we get are snazzy
fighting action sequences (and tons of stock footage
used over again). for all i know you can interchange
duo and wufei and quatre, except that quatre is the
one that gets hit the most, while duo and wufei (both
equipped with close combat weapons) are virtually
identical. heero's vintage move is to just stand
there in the battlefield and soak up unfeasible
amounts of damage. the split buster rifle move (point
in opposite directions, fire and spin) was used by
anyone who piloted the zero.

if it comes down to sentai, i think wing failed in
that department. the better working explanation is
still that the moves are inputted into each gundam's

can't say much about the mech designs of each gundam
in g wing. they seemed to have been conceived with a
team already in mind, rather than all around mechs --
the closest of which are the wing and wing zero (big
gun, big saber, big shield, can fly).


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