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Just a quick synopsis:

As seen in the latest issue, the upcoming MG RX-79G will come with the long
(antitank?) rifle, or is it some kind of field gun? It'll be able to break
into separate pieces to fit in the backpack, and the legs should have the
internal mechanism we're so used to seeing now.

There's also a feature on a MG RX-78 which has been converted to resemble
the PG. The head opens, PG-like joints have been made for the arms and legs,

The next resin kit in the same series as the Gouf Ranba Ral version will be
the Gog. Also of note is a resin 1/144 RX-78 Gundam ver Ka 2.0. It's got
longer legs, thats all I can see.

The next FG will be the MS-06F green Zaku.

Dengeki Hobby has a huge feature on the PG Zeta, with every page detailing
the assembly of each area. The SD article shows a SD Gundam riding a ZZ with
a large deformed head, resembling some sort of horse.

This month they focus on Operation V MS, with comparisons of the current
HGUCs and the old 80s kits. The freebie this month is a pretty boring
display stand for the Dunbine kit.

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