Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Thu, 30 Mar 2000 00:58:57 -0800

>Still not getting posts from the list, but I kinda
>like this. ;p

Weird, how'd you know about my questions then?

>As far as the HCM odd stuff goes, the GM Cannon as you
>know is in the Perfect Model book. At least one Sling
>Pannier is pictured over at Toybox, and I have to dig
>though my old B-Clubs for pictures of the Hyaku Shiki
>Kai upgrade kit.
>As far as the Zaku with weird hands goes, a friend of
>mine has it. It's the Black Trinary one, and the hands
>on the toy are fixed-pose as opposed to the
>articulated ones. There are additional sets of hands
>sealed in the baggies that come with it. We've never
>seen one before that, and never seen one since.
>Unfortunately we don't have more information than that.

I'll make a mental note and check with mine when I find
them from storage. There are a few deadstock ones
which *might* be like that, who knows!


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