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> This really begs the question that, if all 5 Gundams were developed
> seperately
> without knowledge of what the others were up to, then each scientist should
> have developed the most well-rounded Gundam they can. That doesn't seem to
> be the case with some of the designs. The Sandrock in particular doesn't
> has any real ranged weapon unless you count his boomerang blades. The Wing
> staff definitely had a sentai mentality when they were designing the 5
> Gundams, forgetting that each should have been balanced/well rounded enough
> too.

I agree, but I do see the sentai mentality in Gundam, but its not huge and
there's nothing wrong with sentai. Sentai basically means a team anyway. I
get the impression that the 5 scientists DID have contact with each other at
some point. They where together once though, because they said it has been 15
years since they seen each other. There's more going on with the 5 Gundam's
then the show has told so far, if they show ever tells it.

I don't know about the others, but the Creator of Deathscythe, told Lady Une
that the Deathscythe was the best and the rest where a fluke. OZ isn't as in
control as they think they are. Maybe the other's also think their Gundam's
are best as well?


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