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>There's also MSiA :) I see what you mean. Here's what I would like to see,
>HG UC or prefereably an MG GP-03 and the Orchis. But the problem is, some
>people like won't be able to afford both, so here's my idea -
>Sale the GP-03 and the Orchis by themselves and sale the GP-03 and Orchis
>together as a DX set. That way, someone that wants both but won't be able to
>afford both at once, can buy the GP-03 and then later, buy the Orchis to
>complete the set.

Yeah, if ever they do it, that would be the way to go. I just wonder if
they would ever consider other nioce stuff like the ZZ's sled or the
hyakushiki's cannon if they do do this orchis thing. yah know, the
"vehicles" for the MS's?

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