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> Also, I've noticed that so far in the series we've
> seen green, blue, and purple Leos (as well as that
> modified desert one which I haven't seen line art of
> anywhere). Do the colors signify something, or is it
> just the animators' whim?
> And is there a Gundam Wing site out there with a good
> episode guide that tracks the cut scenes?

colors signify to which faction they belong and their type. the blue and
purple ones I thnk are space type Leos while the brown and grey are ground

once you see the Taurus you'll see there are 3 types. the black ones for
Oz, the white ones for Sanc, and there's another color which I forgot, for
White Fang.

I remember White Fang doing some repainting when they took over the Libra
and the moon base/factory. since all sides have the mass produced mecha,
it's necessary for them to have different colored mobile suits so they can
differenciate each other in the battlefield.

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