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On Wed, 29 Mar 2000 15:49:59 -0800, gundam@aeug.org wrote:

> >Several? Maybe obscure ones (or old ones. Where's my Rose of Versailles
> >Ribon no Kishi??).
> Er... are you saying Sailor Moon was obscure? Its US distribution has
> purchased by DIC, and guess who owns DIC? SM would have been huge in the
> States if not for DIC's heavy-handed approach of not promoting it. They
> even refused to license the property until the Japanese company that owns
> stepped in.

No, Sailor Moon *might* have been huge. You're not including the possibility
that SM was simply not to the American tastes? It was popular in Japan, but
then magical girls had been a popular staple in Japan for a long time before
Sailor Moon. So there was already an audience there for it when it came out.
I certainly remember a lot of people ridiculing a show about a short-skirted
sailor-suited superhero when it first came out. It was only later that a
sizable group in America discovered its virtues. I'm not even sure Bandai
(who was supposed make toys for it in America, but pulled out for some
reason) could have made it big at the time.

> Would you say Mononoke was harder to market than "The Cider House Rules",
> which deals with touchy topics such as abortion and interracial
> Miramax (also owned by Disney) didn't seem to have any problem propelling
> this movie into a major Oscar contender even though no one saw it when it
> first released. The kind of hype surrounding Malkovich, Boys and
Mononoke are
> critic-generated, which is very different from a studio marketing
> department- generated hype, like Cider House Rules.

It made more money than Mononoke, although it did have a somewhat larger
release. Still, there's no guarantee that if Miramax marketed the hell out
of Mononoke that it would have succeeded. There are already a lot of people
out there who refused to see it just because it was anime. This anti-anime
group i larger than you think.
> When Gundam becomes soft enough to be a threat to Disney's monopoly in
> children/family market, you betcha they will try to buy off the property
> just so they can keep it caged/neutralized.

Not Disney's style. They'd rather make a buck off a property they bought
rather than "keeping it caged just so they don't make us look bad," --an
idea that many anime fans think is true but is not. If that was true, then
Ghibli is the one that wins out in this one, as Disney gave them a sizable
amount of money so they could get the rights to distribute in America. They
didn't even make back all the money they lost to Ghibli for Mononoke, I


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