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> I like how Katoki redesigned the GW mecha. HLJ has upgrade sets made of
> to turn regular 1/144 kits into these. I would love to have actual kits
or at
> least MSiA's of these mecha. Is their a book with these designs in it? I
> think there is, because at one web store, I say a book with one of these
> Gundam's on the cover.
> I like the regular designs just fine, but these look cleaned up, suped up
> something. Maybe the word is stylish?

these are actually retro designs for the Endless Waltz designs. remember
than the Gundams were upgraded in the later part of the TV series and the
mecha redesigns for the Endless Waltz OAV were based on these upgrades.
what Katoki did was make his version of the original 5 Gundams based on the
Endless Waltz design. remember that the Endless Waltz designs are not
different mechas or upgrade, they're technically the same ones used in the
TV series but redesigned for the OAV.

oh, and I checked with HLJ, there are also conversion parts for the 1/100
Endless Waltz kits

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