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Eddie writes,

> This really begs the question that, if all 5 Gundams were developed seperately
> without knowledge of what the others were up to, then each scientist should
> have developed the most well-rounded Gundam they can. That doesn't seem to
> be the case with some of the designs. The Sandrock in particular doesn't
> has any real ranged weapon unless you count his boomerang blades.

  But remember, by definition (i.e. by virtue of their Gundanium armor) the
Gundams are invisible to radar; they really can't be detected until they're
at close range, so it's almost counterproductive for them to announce their
presence by launching long-range attacks. The main reason for one of these
guys to pack long-range weapons is for either shooting down aircraft (a Wing
Gundam specialty) or conducting mass battle against a bunch of widely-spaced
enemies (which we often see the Heavyarms doing).

  By contrast, the Deathscythe, Sandrock, and Shenlong can fight for much
longer periods of time, since their melee weapons don't run out of ammo (and
have enough extra reach to take out multiple foes with one swipe) . But they
can't do much against aircraft, and often get their butts kicked when they
try to take on a bunch of scattered enemies at once. I guess it's a
difference in combat philosophy.

  Absent a coordinated team of close-combat and support Gundams, I guess you
could design a Gundam with both long- and close-range weapons - sort of a
Deathscythe Wing. The Altron is the only Gundam that really goes this route.

-- Mark

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