Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 29 Mar 2000 16:11:54 -0800

>Thanks for the info, everyone. For some reason I'm not
>getting mail from the list, but I see my posts are on
>the server after I send them. My Tallgeese kit should
>be here any day, and I'm ready to attack it with my
>set of Micron Pigmas.

A recent post said that the Tallgeese II was identical
to the original, but for the color scheme. Actually
the Tallgeese II's head also closely resembles a Gundam.

>Regarding the HCMS, the two mentioned in in the
>cooljapanesetoys.com article (Johnny Ridden's Gelgoog
>and Tropical Test Dom) have never been substantiated,
>and other folks I know have done a lot of digging.
>This is the first time I've heard of a limited chrome
>Hyaku Shiki, but in all three cases I think it's
>possible that people confused the HCMs with the actual
>model kits.

Thanks for the update.

>The GM Cannon was planned as an HCM, though, and
>definitely made it to the prototype stage as shown in
>the Gundam Perfect Model Catalogue. There's other HCM
>weirdness out there, including the separately packaged
>Sling Panniers, Zakus with non-articulated hands, and
>a set of add-on parts B-Club sold to turn the Hyaku
>Shiki HCM into the Kai version.

Are there any scans out there that show these weirdos?
As for the Zakus w/ non-articulated hands, are they from
an early/pre-revision production run or could they have
been mods by people who wore out the hand joints?

>Also, I've noticed that so far in the series we've
>seen green, blue, and purple Leos (as well as that
>modified desert one which I haven't seen line art of
>anywhere). Do the colors signify something, or is it
>just the animators' whim?

Funny you should mention that. I was going through my
Wing books last night and it was either Kodansha's
Encyclopedia of Gundam or the first MediaWorks Gundam
Data Collection that showed these color variants. The
green one is the mass produced model, just like the
Zaku II. The other color variants are Earth Sphere
Alliance models - purple being the space modified
model and the blue one was used in a certain region
(need to look up the books again) on earth.


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