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Wed, 29 Mar 2000 15:56:12 -0800

>Well, in some episodes, Heavy Arms does look like it is one of the most
>heaviest fire power in the group but ^^:;;; I have to agree with you on
>that. Especially when all the Gundams started to fight against Doroshi's
>Tactic supplemented Mobile Dolls;;;; I saw many other Gundams beating the
>shit out of Mobile Dolls but Trowa I think got either only 1 or 2 kills in
>the entire sequence;;; At least from what they have shown us on TV that is
>^^;;; Although I really think Trowa is awesome character;;; Heavy Arms is
>my least favorite out of the entire thing. I don't know.. what do you guys
>think? ^^
>Hyun Kye

Those heavy firepower suits have usually been designated to range support
roles in the U.C. timeline. I think in those sequences H-arms may be
playing the same role, laying down suppressive fire so the other Gundams
can fight without drawing all the enemy fire.

This really begs the question that, if all 5 Gundams were developed seperately
without knowledge of what the others were up to, then each scientist should
have developed the most well-rounded Gundam they can. That doesn't seem to
be the case with some of the designs. The Sandrock in particular doesn't
has any real ranged weapon unless you count his boomerang blades. The Wing
staff definitely had a sentai mentality when they were designing the 5
Gundams, forgetting that each should have been balanced/well rounded enough


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