Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 29 Mar 2000 15:49:59 -0800

>Several? Maybe obscure ones (or old ones. Where's my Rose of Versailles and
>Ribon no Kishi??).

Er... are you saying Sailor Moon was obscure? Its US distribution has been
purchased by DIC, and guess who owns DIC? SM would have been huge in the
States if not for DIC's heavy-handed approach of not promoting it. They
even refused to license the property until the Japanese company that owns it
stepped in.

>The "quality" anime thing is a bit off. Even if they have rights to some
>"good" series, the big problem is how to market them. Really, when you think
>about it, Mononoke was a failure. No, don't tell me it didn't get any
>promotion, because it got about the same kind of hype as Being John
>Malkovich and Boys Don't Cry, maybe even more so.

Would you say Mononoke was harder to market than "The Cider House Rules",
which deals with touchy topics such as abortion and interracial relations?
Miramax (also owned by Disney) didn't seem to have any problem propelling
this movie into a major Oscar contender even though no one saw it when it was
first released. The kind of hype surrounding Malkovich, Boys and Mononoke are
critic-generated, which is very different from a studio marketing
department- generated hype, like Cider House Rules.

>So where's the Gundam in all this? Could we see some mouse-eared Gundams
>waging a war and saying "I want some cheese, please!" in the future? Could
>be a hit.

When Gundam becomes soft enough to be a threat to Disney's monopoly in the
children/family market, you betcha they will try to buy off the property
just so they can keep it caged/neutralized.


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