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Disney is not buying the rights to any anime. They OWN Studio Ghibli,
so they have the rights to all of those films. Other than that they
are not procuring any anime rights.

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> >Several of my friends who work up here in the Disney animation
> >studio up in Toronto, Canada loved Mononoke (sp?) technically
> >very, very good animation with a good story to boot. My wife
> >didn't like it though.....
> >
> >I far as I've heard Disney does have the rights to several anime
> >and everything is on HOLD. Maybe they don't want the general
> >public to see quality Anime other than the typical mass market
> >Dragonball Z and pokey-monster.
> You hit the nail right on the head. Disney's masterplan is to buy
> up the rights of all anime that could pose a threat to their
> monopoly of "family" shows, and just tuck them away and have them
> languish. It is no surprise that Pricess Mononoke, the #1 animated
> film in Japan, was in such limited release that you can't even find
> more than 3 theaters showing it in a large market like L.A., and
> they spent basically pennies to promote the film.
> Eddie
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