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jmrv wrote:

> >I far as I've heard Disney does have the rights to several anime and
> >everything is on HOLD. Maybe they don't want the general public to see
> >quality Anime other than the typical mass market Dragonball Z and
> >pokey-monster.
> It sounds to me like monopoly or dictatorship!

No, they're just dumb. And slow, they move with the mongoose quickness of a 90
year old tai chi student in the event horizon of a black hole. Two years I
worked on Dinosaur, the whole time they were "close" on a name for the movie.
We never got crew t-shirts because those asses couldn't get to their
hyper-inventive final name until we were practically laid off.

> About the live action movie, well MAYBE one of Disney's subsidiaries (Buena
> Vista) will release it (if I'm not wrong they released once a "movie" made
> out of the first eps of a TV show that featured mecha similar to Robotech's
> Zentraedi officer pods. Sorry I don't remember the name now). But I would
> prefere that it is released by another company. Disney is always under fire
> of "concerned parents" and other organizations for some of their movies, so
> imagine the mess formed if they release a GUNDAM thing.

Miramax would be the ticket there. One of Disney's divisions but basically
uncluttered with the whole "wholesome" vibe.

> I have no objection with Disney releasing anime like Kiki's Dellivery
> Service, because it's a "familiy-oriented" anime (or am I worng?). But to
> release other "mature-oriented" anime would be a big mistake. They will end
> up doing another Robotech (thought the dubbing was not that bad - remember:
> it was the early 80's and people still believed cartoons was JUST FOR KIDS).

They will ruin everything they touch if they are allowed to modify it.


"You know, you put this same crew on an oil rig, nothing would change."

- StJohn, on the Zen of DD

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