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> MY GOD! ARE YOU BLIND?!?!?!?!?!?!? The war in Macross was one of
survival! Not of a nation, but of a people! Even later, the whole
colonization effort was to ensure that, come what may, the human race would
survive! And if you can't see that, the more's the pity. That kind of war is
not holy, it is grim, dirty and a hell of alot more poignant than some
stupid wars about the future humanity should take (a la CCA).
> Yes, Macross is more idealized than Gundam, but it also has other factors
that Gundam does not. Maybe if we had a Gundam in which the main enemy was a
group of aliens, we might see something similar to Macross. In Macross, you
had two vastly different species, one geared solely to war (the Zentreadi),
and one that was not, but was still extremely good at it because they had so
much practice with it against themselves (humanity). What happens when two
warlike races collide? Genocide.
> And that was what Macross was written about. The stupidity and
pointlessness of such a fight, when if the two sides met and actually
leanred about each other, they might find they have more in common with each
other than they think.

To tell the truth, I always thought of Macross as a story of how civilians
go on about their daily lives aboard a huge ship while a war was going on.
Character interaction was stronger in Macross than Gundam, although Gundam's
story had more psychological depth and an epic sweep. But when you come
right down to it, both Macross and Gundam glorify war in a way, with 0080
coming close to being the exception.

Bottom line of both series: War does suck, but waging wars with giant robots
is pretty cool. Which of course, is its objective: to sell more model kits.


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