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On Wed, 29 Mar 2000 07:18:11 -0800 (PST) garrick lee <> wrote:
>ayup, depending on the show, i think in terms of a lot
>more category (originality, style, message, depth of
>story, etc). except that those three categories don't
>exactly equate to high ratings on the fun factor.
>e.g. the record of lodoss war OVA scores perfect 10
>on the music category, but barely passes the plot
>criteria, and was nothing spectacular in animation.
>but i had lots of fun watching it simply because i'm a
>longtime fantasy gamer with an anime fetish.

I don't know, I loved the story in the Lodoss War OAV. Granted, alot had to be changed from the novels (this is heresay based on that documentary thing at the end of the first tape, but...), but that is the problem with trying to condense down something so large into a mere 13 episode OAV. I mean, look at how much the Video Girl Ai OAV is different from the manga.

And I thought the animation was great too, esp for the time. And ESPECIALLY when compared to that from the tv series which came out much later (of course, the tv serie was also more geared towards a younger crowd).

But you are prob right, alot of the reason I like it so much is that I am a fan of fantasy stories.

>e.g. 2 evangelion scores high on story, originality,
>message (however much i hated it), animation and
>scores ok on the rest. but i didn't enjoy it. i felt
>as if i wasted my time. everything in evangelion i've
>seen or read elsewhere (albeit separately and not on a
>whole epic scale like evangelion) and they were better
>done with less whining and bitching involved.

I don't know. I still consider Evangelion to be my favorite anime series.

>oy! my bad! i wasn't saying gundam didn't have good
>music. and even then, i was comparing it to macross
>stuff, which i well and truly love.
>gundam music just doesn't sound as well rounded and
>orchestrated as macross, imo. they're mostly ok, but
>not, i think. at least, as far as i
>can tell from watching the show. maybe i should
>listen to the music outside of the shows.

Ah, ok, I guess I can see that (like I said, I do own 11 Macross CDs (spread out over all the series) and only around 6 or so Gundam ones (again, spread out over various series)). I mostly really like the opening and ending songs anyways, but some series have good music throughout (Gundam X, F91, CCA).

>someone mentioned eva music...i can't agree readily.
>aside from the driving opening (the ending was overly
>annoying...), i found none of the music enticing. it
>was well done and suitable for the show's mood, but
>not for independent listening.

Yeh, have to agree with that. Prob why I only got the first CD and none of the others so far. Although the Death and Rebirth is a possibility, as is one with some of the music from the later part of the series.


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