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> I am sure some have probably seen this, but for those who haven't here it
> http://mechadomain.gundam.com/msx/msx.htm
> The Main M.S.X. section of the Mecha Domain.
> What exactly are the M.S.X. designs?
> Bustliner - http://mechadomain.gundam.com/msx/bustliner.htm
> A test type anti-ship mobile gun emplacement that is manned by an MS.
> Aaron

There is a section on MS-X at:


Basicly it was a comic book sequel to MS Gundam that got tossed out when the
creators heard that Sunrise was going to make another sequel called Zeta
GUndam that would invalidate theirs. But apparently the design got passed
around and are in the MS Encyclopoedia among other places.


PS. Below are further links to pictures of the Hi Nu Gundam and the Gundam
Nu HWS (aka FANu). Sorry about sending you that Jpeg. I just figured it was
easier than finding you a link but then I stumbled across one.

Just click the links under the gundam section of the page.


Emery (again)

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