garrick lee (
Wed, 29 Mar 2000 07:18:11 -0800 (PST)

> Looks like you judge anime by the same three
> categories I do: Plot, music and animation. For me
> if an anime is good in two departments, I can watch
> it with litle complaint, but if it has all three,
> GREAT! And if it only has one, I have to force
> myself to watch it (Legend of Crystania anyone?).

ayup, depending on the show, i think in terms of a lot
more category (originality, style, message, depth of
story, etc). except that those three categories don't
exactly equate to high ratings on the fun factor.

e.g. the record of lodoss war OVA scores perfect 10
on the music category, but barely passes the plot
criteria, and was nothing spectacular in animation.
but i had lots of fun watching it simply because i'm a
longtime fantasy gamer with an anime fetish.

e.g. 2 evangelion scores high on story, originality,
message (however much i hated it), animation and
scores ok on the rest. but i didn't enjoy it. i felt
as if i wasted my time. everything in evangelion i've
seen or read elsewhere (albeit separately and not on a
whole epic scale like evangelion) and they were better
done with less whining and bitching involved.

anyway...enough of that...

> >4) music but gundam has never been big
> in
> >the musical department, far as i can tell.
> WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? Have you never heard the soundtracks
> to 0083? Or Gundam X? Or F91? Or Gundam Wing? Or
> CCA? Or even the opening and closing credits to 8th
> MS Team? That is really great music! Some of the
> best music I've ever heard in anime (and I only own
> about 45 or 50 anime soundtracks from Macross to
> Gundam to Bubblegum Crisis to Nadesico to Record of
> Lodoss War to Key the Metal Idol to Tank Police to
> Armitage the Third to Evangelion. I even bought a
> copy of the original Orguss ST. And out of those 50,
> around 6 or so are Gundam STs (of course, another 11
> or so are Macross CDs)). Granted the music is some
> of the older tv series ain't the best, but don't say
> Gundam ain't got good music!

oy! my bad! i wasn't saying gundam didn't have good
music. and even then, i was comparing it to macross
stuff, which i well and truly love.

gundam music just doesn't sound as well rounded and
orchestrated as macross, imo. they're mostly ok, but
not, i think. at least, as far as i
can tell from watching the show. maybe i should
listen to the music outside of the shows.

someone mentioned eva music...i can't agree readily.
aside from the driving opening (the ending was overly
annoying...), i found none of the music enticing. it
was well done and suitable for the show's mood, but
not for independent listening.


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