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29 Mar 2000 14:27:41 -0000

I totally agree with this. It was what I wanted to say, but could not think of how to say it (I had just gotten up and didn't feel like argueing).


On Wed, 29 Mar 2000 05:44:15 -0800 (PST) garrick lee <> wrote:
>don't talk about my beloved macross that way!!!
>or i'll lock you up in a room and play reba west
>singing minmei all day.
>eh...but actually, i agree with what emery said. :P
>except for a few parts -- i say macross and gundam
>both show how and why war is big no-no that kids
>shouldn't try at home (or anyone anywhere else, for
>that matter). it's just that gundam is preachier (and
>sometimes, unnecessarily heavyhanded and overwrought
>about's like "ok ok i get the point already!
>quit hammering into my head!") about it, while macross
>has it's head up in the clouds all the time, being the
>space opera that it is, and not a gritty war story.
>macross wasn't about a holy war. and it NEVER
>glorified war! no no no. NO. i disagree as
>vehemently as i can (until i burst a jugular or two,
>and then i'll simply disagree in a coma).
>it was a war for survival, and not a single human
>character was there in macross that wished for war to
>happen or viewed war as the culmination of existence
>or catharsis of humanity's collective soul (ala trieze
>the warmonger, and i think he's one genius, but a
>sicko as well). the zentraedi defection is almost
>symbolic -- i don't find it stupid (some do, and i
>understand that) that minmei's singing (mari ijima and
>not reba west mind you -- the latter singing might
>just actually start a war...) turned a lot of
>zentraedis into gibbering fanboys. the point was that
>the zents found a better way to live -- a life without
>war, a life with proper culture (as represented by
>song in the macross universe...which seems to take the
>maxim "music is the universal language" a bit too
>seriously...). the fact that some of the zents
>reverted back to their warlike nature after getting
>bored with peace doesn't debunk this. it just proves
>that the zents were more like humans, than not -- that
>the zents can be as fickle and contrarian as humans.
>as for comparing characters between gundam and
>macross. i disagree with something someone said --
>the way i see it, macross characters are at least
>normal people and more (or less, depending on your
>point of view) likeable than gundam characters -- i
>find it hard to identify with a big handful of gundam
>(UC or alternate) characters (the entire cast of
>evangelion was even worse).
>macross wasn't a holy war. in a way, it's more
>meaningful (if fanciful) than the wars portrayed in
>gundam -- wars of selfishness and "your momma is
>uglier than my momma" or something like get
>the idea. no sacrifice in a war for survival is
>senseless -- the romanticized feel of macross. if
>you're fighting for politics or some stupid creed
>(like spacenoid elitism...), then, of course, every
>death is senseless.
>as for macross plus and war...i don't think there was
>a connection in the first place. :) unless you mean
>personal wars, then that's another thing. i kind of
>hate and like macross plus. i hate it because it's
>akin to those stupid soap shows, but actually gives
>you something to chew on (as well as feast your eyes
>on) in the end.
>ok that's all. i can't get any more incoherent than
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