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> On Tue, 28 Mar 2000 07:55:36 -0800 (PST) garrick lee
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> >i watched all of it.
> Looks like you judge anime by the same three categories I do: Plot, music
> and animation. For me if an anime is good in two departments, I can watch
> it with litle complaint, but if it has all three, GREAT! And if it only
> has one, I have to force myself to watch it (Legend of Crystania anyone?).
> Of course, there are exceptions. Alot of stuff by Leiji Matsumoto lacks
> what I consider good animation (character wise at least, I mean alot of it
> was first made back in the 70s) and the music is usually not to my taste,
> but, WOW, the stories and plots. I fell in love with the Galaxy Express
> 999 manga and it really carried over well to the anime. And Queen
> Emeraldas and Arcadia of My Youth did not dissappoint either.
You forgot SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO.......Arguably the greatest sci-fi opera

> Warning before watching these though, if you thought Evangelion was angst
> filled, you ain't seen nothing until you've seen Arcadia of My Youth or
> Queen Emeraldas.
> And I still have to laugh that when he first came up with the character of
> Emeraldas, he named her for her hair. He thought emeralds were red.
> >4) music is...so-so. but gundam has never been big in
> >the musical department, far as i can tell.
> WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? Have you never heard the soundtracks to 0083? Or Gundam X?
> Or F91? Or Gundam Wing? Or CCA? Or even the opening and closing credits to
> 8th MS Team? That is really great music! Some of the best music I've ever
> heard in anime (and I only own about 45 or 50 anime soundtracks from
> Macross to Gundam to Bubblegum Crisis to Nadesico to Record of Lodoss War
> to Key the Metal Idol to Tank Police to Armitage the Third to Evangelion.
> I even bought a copy of the original Orguss ST. And out of those 50,
> around 6 or so are Gundam STs (of course, another 11 or so are Macross
> CDs)). Granted the music is some of the older tv series ain't the best,
> but don't say Gundam ain't got good music!
Is it strange to listen to Gundam soundtracks while at work for 8-10 hours a
day... With some mixed in Macross and Yamato in there.

> >
> >5) the story...is the only thing that carried the show
> >for me. while i found it unnecessarily complicated
> >and full of undue plot twists in some cases, it was
> >good and refreshing (with the damn cheesiest happy
> >ending in a gundam show EVER...you could say it's the
> >complete opposite of 0080's ending with chris and al,
> >and no bernie). g gundam was easily the most original
> >thing to come out of the bandai cash cow continuum in
> >a while. :)
> >
> Hmmm, I might have to check it out sometime.
> Roland
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