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> The basic problem here is that if they do the gp03, then they should do the
> MA that comes with it. I mean the extending arms were designed for that,
> and I think it would be a dead loss if they didn't make the MA as
> well....but, that's impossible, considering the scale, go. I'd
> believe it more if an HGUC kit came out. or perhaps a 1/220 or 1/550. Of
> course, there's always SD....

There's also MSiA :) I see what you mean. Here's what I would like to see, an
HG UC or prefereably an MG GP-03 and the Orchis. But the problem is, some
people like won't be able to afford both, so here's my idea -

Sale the GP-03 and the Orchis by themselves and sale the GP-03 and Orchis
together as a DX set. That way, someone that wants both but won't be able to
afford both at once, can buy the GP-03 and then later, buy the Orchis to
complete the set.


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