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> Actually, what I hope for is that they release stuff which never made it to
> kit, like crossbone and gaia gear stuff. that would be cool, releasing
> gundams which never made it. or even variations, like the FANU.

Didn't even think of that. I would love an MG or HG Crossbone Gundam, too me
it screams "Captain Harlocks Gundam"! :) I mean this in a good way. What is
the FANU? I've seen some of the Gaia Gear mecha and I like them a lot. If not
kits, these should at least get MSiA treatment, wouldn't be a major "risk"
for Bandai, that way, but then again neither would HG kits of them. I want
model kits that are more durable.

Have you built the plastic Hime Brain Powerd kit? Well, it uses this super
hard plastic as a sort of skeleton and then the armor snaps onto this
skeletion. The joints are very tight and its been about 7 months since I've
built it. It seems to be very durable and even fell of my shelf without
breaking or stress marks. Arms and Legs even stay on and where not even
loose!! I went into this, as an example of how durable a kit can be.


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