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On Wed, 29 Mar 2000 08:59:51 GMT, gundam@aeug.org wrote:

> To me the MG Dom is the best MG out there so far. It's almost flawless
> (drawback is lack of surface detail as others mentioned)compared to GP02
> the other greater designs IMOP. I guess if they do come out with the MG
> versions of Nu gundam and Sazabi I'm sure that I'll be happy with them.
> means even if they look bad or different they will still be better
> than the 1/144 versions.

I don't suppose there's much hope of an MG Dowadge/Modified Dowadge is
there? MS-09-G and MS-09-H are pretty much my favorite 079 era suit for some
reason with Gelgoogs, Regelgs, Galubaldy's and various revisionist 079 era
GM's coming a close second. Imagine a Dom with more thrusters, a Gelgoog
like rocket-kirt, and head guns... Bliss! And they look neat too!

Or how about an MG Marasai? Drool! A Dijeh? Dijeh SE-R? A Mesala!?
Byarlant?! BarZam? Pallas Athena?!!! At least a Bawoo!!??? Oh God I'm
doomed! None of my favorites will ever be MG models! Waaahhhhh!!!!

Maybe they'll at least do an MG Gustav(Refined Gundam Zeta) with booster add
on. Right? **Sniff**
I'll just dry my tearful little eyes now and...

Okay. Glad that's over. Ahhh. Catharsis at last!

(No Catharsis is not a relative of C'thulhu or a lost Khemish city from a
Robert E. Howard story but lots of people do lookfor it or run from it. :)


> >Eddie

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