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Tue, 28 Mar 2000 23:51:30 -0800

>oh, don't forget the GM. they have MGs of those GMs in 0083. actually
>there are 2. the first is the white one they use, the RGM-79N GM Custom,
>and the RGM-79Q GM Quel, the GMs of the Titans shown in one of the closing
>scenes of 0083. it's funny that the Quel has a GM even though it was only
>shown for like 3 seconds in the entire 0083. kinda reminds you of
>Evangelion's Eva-04 kit, it wasn't even shown, although they said they had a
>shot of it in the movie, it more or less had the same air time as the Quel.

Doesn't matter. Bandai'd sooner do recolored mold recycles than retool a
mold for variants. The two GMs from 0083 have so much shared body parts
with the Alex, so they get the MG treatment. No such luck for designs that
can't be recycled for variants, thus no MG Kampfer.

>looks like they're finishing off all the good guys first, with some of the
>bad guys from 0079. but who knows, there is really no specific order in
>which Bandai releases their kits. but if sales are low and they need a shot
>in the arm, releasing a MG Nu Gundam and MG Sazabi would really help them
>pick things up. I guess they're saving those two best sellers for a rainy
>day, I mean, they're not stupid enough not to realize how much money they
>can make by making those two.

I dunno about that. This ML bitched and whined literally for years for a
MG Dom, but when it eventually came out, I don't hear much from people who
bought the kit (maybe Gus, Mark and Roger, that's about it), but instead hear
complaints about how pricy it was, how bland and non-MG it looks like, etc.
Just wait and see how people pull a 180 when the MG Nu and Sazabi come out.


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