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Yup he is right, and also. Heero thought if Heero fights with his Wing
Gundam, he might end up hestitating a little because of what Zechs has done
for him. So in order to honor Zech's good intensions, Heero will kill Zechs
using Heavy Arms.


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>> after Heero blew up the Wing, Zechs and Oz got what's left of it and
>> re-built the Wing. he gave it to Heero so that they can finish their
>> fair and square (makes you think about Char and Amuro when Char gave the
>> Psycommu thingy to Anaheim Electronics to install in the Nu Gundam in
>> Counterattack, so that they'll have an evenly matched battle). anyway,
>> fought but Heero, not trusting Zechs, decided to use the Heavy Arms
>> instead. Zechs was winning and then Oz came, Trowa inside the Wing ran
>> with Heero and Zechs covered for Heero so he can escape and hopefully
>> someday in the future they can finish their duel
>Actually, it wasn't so much that Heero didn't trust Zechs, according to
>Zechs, Heero didn't use the Wing Gundam because Heero thought it was
>and Heero thought he didn't deserve it.
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