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> Dunno. Considering that the 01 & 02 have already come out, its no reason why
> bandai shouldn't go with the 03 as well.
> For me the GP03S isn't a hard kit to be made to MG... so I wonder why not
> release it along? Is it a marketing gimmick then?

Yeah, I know what you mean. The GP-03 shouldn't be hard to make as an MG at
all. The only diffcult part would the Orchis platform, but I'd be happy with
just the GP-03 itself. Maybe Bandai is thinking up how to market the Orchis?

The can just release the GP-03 itself, then release the Orhis later on. An MG
Orchis by itself shouldn't cost too much. If they ever release an MG Orchis
platform, it better be somewhat stable and strudy.

Anyway, the Orchis is unlikely, but the GP-03 should be a no brainer. Like
you said they made a GP-01, GP-01fb and the GP-02, so where's the GP-03 Bandai


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