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> after Heero blew up the Wing, Zechs and Oz got what's left of it and
> re-built the Wing. he gave it to Heero so that they can finish their duel
> fair and square (makes you think about Char and Amuro when Char gave the
> Psycommu thingy to Anaheim Electronics to install in the Nu Gundam in
> Counterattack, so that they'll have an evenly matched battle). anyway,
> fought but Heero, not trusting Zechs, decided to use the Heavy Arms Gundam
> instead. Zechs was winning and then Oz came, Trowa inside the Wing ran
> with Heero and Zechs covered for Heero so he can escape and hopefully
> someday in the future they can finish their duel

Actually, it wasn't so much that Heero didn't trust Zechs, according to
Zechs, Heero didn't use the Wing Gundam because Heero thought it was charity
and Heero thought he didn't deserve it.


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