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> Apart from the Xamel, the other kit I've been praying for to come out - and
> this is within possible bounds - is an MG Cima Garraha Gelgoog Custom (with
> a 1/20 figure to paint hopefully). The Gerbera Tetra seems to be a bit far
> from being possible currently. I mean, they've already made a Shin
> and Johnny Ridden version of the Zaku - why not a variant mech of our
> favorite pirate bitch queen?

A Xamel would also be nice. Yeah, am MG Cima Garraha Gelgoog Custom would be
neat. I would love an MG Gerbera Tetra. Its a neat, sleek design. I think
I've said it before, but an MG Kampfer would be nice as well.

> I dunno why, but 0083 has been relegated to the sidelines when it comes to
> plastic injection kits - consider that they've only released the GP-01,
> GP-01FB, GP-02, GP-03 and the Gerbera Tetra as standard 1/144 kits. For
> 1/100 MG it's only been the GP-01, GP-01FB and GP-02. What gives? Is it
> hard to make kits of Kawamori's designs?

I know excatly what you mean. I hope we get more 0083 designs as MGs, but
most more likely if there's any hope, they will come out as HG UC kits and
maybe MSiA's.
I hope Bandai continues the MSiA line for a long time. Most Gundam mecha
would work well as MSiA's.
> Also: Where's the MG Gouf? Are they going to finish off all the mecha from
> the 0079 era first for the MG series first before moving on?
> Sorry for the rant, but I want Cima - I mean, her mecha -... ;_;

I know. They did lots of Zaku II MG's, even a few Zaku I MG's, but why no
Gouf? If not a Gouf MG, they should at least make a MG Gouf Custom. They are
going to have one of those 08 MS Team Ground Gundam's.


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