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> Slightly OT from this bit, why is that other Gundam called Turn X? Doesn't
> make
> much sense to me. Turn A is actually that. An upside down A. The logic
> symbol
> that means "for all cases" essentially. However, since most people haven't
> taken a
> logic course, it was called Turn A Gundam. But why Turn X? A rotated X ...
> is still an X?

I don't know the reason for the X, but I am pretty sure its not a Gundam,
Everywhere I've seen the Turn X, its spelled Turn X without Gundam in it, so
this is why I think its not a Gundam. But in the latest AMO Tokyo episode
review, it said the Turn A Gundam and Turn X, automatically reacted to each
other. Maybe the Turn X is a counter Gundam, meaning maybe its designed
specifically to go up against the Turn A?


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