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I'm in Florida, but not Kissimmee. There's a place in Tampa that carries's where I've gotten most of mine. It's called Merlin''s right
next to University Square Mall and near USF. Their pricing is a bit odd...I don't
think the people running the store have any real idea of what to sell the models
for. Last time I went there, I got the MG Super Gundam (many thanks to my
wife!). They have quite a few MG kits, a few HGUC kits, and a few old HG kits
(including the RX-178). It's used to be a comic book/RPG store. Unfortunately,
it's turning into a New Age store. Lotsa odd people working there who know
nothing of customer service. Still, it's one of the few places I know of in
Florida that sells Gundam kits. Dang...this was supposed to be short.

Joaquin Torres

Master Asia wrote:

> >===== Original Message From =====
> >I think it is a good site. I was wondering if anybody knew where to find a
> >place to buy model kits in Kissimmee Florida? I am new to the Gundam universe
> >and have learned a lot from the ML so please somebody help me.
> >
> Well... heres the deal: since I'm not sure where Kisimmee is heres some
> generic information.
> Well of course there is always an anime shop, try there first if one is around
> there.I have also found that babbages/Electronics boutique carries various
> models but thats around the NY stores.
> If all else fails try and eBay. Many members of the GML frequently
> go to these sites.
> - Roger
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