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> I would love to have a Leo and Maguanac action figures, especially MSiA's
> them. The Maguanac is the troopers that fight beside Quatture, aren't
> I am almost positive they are in fact MSiA's. Tet posted the announcement
> Bandai made, Bandai Japan announced Gundam Wing MSiA's at the Tokyo Toy
> I've noticed that those transforming DigiMon in US stores, are the same
> Bandai Japan's DigiMon toys. I could be wrong, but this is why I believe
> US Wing figures will be MSiA's.

They may be part of the MSiA line in Japan, but there doesn't seem to be any
mention of that for their US release.
Take a peak at the packaging photo's here:
Looks like the regular size figures get cards, while the bigger deluxe scale
(seems to be Nataku, D-Hell, Wing Zero)
get spiffy looking boxes.

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