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> Any info on this is appreciated, thanks. I ordered a
> Tallgeese kit from ActionAce (free shipping!) and I'm
> anxious to see which designs end up being made into
> action figures by Bandai. If they make a Leo and
> Maguanac figure, I'd be ecstatic, but I'd be happy
> with just a Tallgeese. Here's hoping that they're as
> good as the existing MS In Action figures.

I would love to have a Leo and Maguanac action figures, especially MSiA's of
them. The Maguanac is the troopers that fight beside Quatture, aren't they?

I am almost positive they are in fact MSiA's. Tet posted the announcement
Bandai made, Bandai Japan announced Gundam Wing MSiA's at the Tokyo Toy show.
 I've noticed that those transforming DigiMon in US stores, are the same as
Bandai Japan's DigiMon toys. I could be wrong, but this is why I believe the
US Wing figures will be MSiA's.


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