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> yeah, can't be coz he's the son of the King of the Sanc Kingdom
> but I guess we have to wait and see how they re-align the timelines in
> Turn-A before having a better guess as to how future Gundam series will
> but a sure bet is that Bandai/Sunrise will probably milk the UC story a
> little bit more, maybe some OAVs about the time between Double Zeta and
> Char's Counterattack. well, whatever it is, anyone's guess is as good as
> mine.

As long as we get new kits based on what ever Gundam's next, I'll be happy. I
am sure we'll get some new mecha designs and probably some newer versions of
older mecha. Zaku 4 or 5, anyone? :) New GM's? It would be nice to have
totally new Mobile Suits as well. Don't need to mention the Gundam itself, as
theres always a new Gundam or Gundam's. They should just go ahead and mass
produce something that's almost as good as a Gundam. I am not worried about
character designs, as Gundam always seems to have interesting characters.


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