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David \"Jojo\" Wong wrote:

> > I have a feeling that Turn-A will not fully realign all the timelines by
> > the time all the episodes are aired. It's cool enough that Tomino is
> > acknowledging them, but I seriously doubt he did Turn-A just to realign
> > the timelines. He'll probably leave the order of the timelines
> ambiguious
> > at best, and let others fill in the details.
> Yeah. I've heard Tomino state that his goal, first and foremost, was to
> start a new direction for Gundam, maybe even start a new story. The
> references to past Gundam series are just thrown in their to appease the
> whiners out there who can't resist saying..."This isn't Gundam..."
> Jojo

Probably his attempt to do something new, I'd imagine that after 20 years of
making cartoons about giant robots that you'd probably want to do something
different, or at least explore other themes.

This made me think about the interview with Tomino in the Five Years of
Animerica Interviews book, where he said something to effect that the story he
couldn't tell the story he wanted to, so he had to tell it with robots, hence
Gundam. Not 100% sure about this, it's been a while since I read the
interview, but it got me thinking about what kind of series Tomino would do if
he didn't have to do it in giant robot animation.



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