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> 3) Am I correct in assuming that the Tallgeese 2 and 3
> are copies of this original mecha made later on in the
> series a la "B-class" Heavy Metals (yet another L-Gaim
> parallel)?

Tallgeese 2 is actually the same Tallgeese with a different color scheme
(blue and white). although it wasn't explained where they got it, assuming
from Gundam Wing's story that only the 6 scientists can make powerful mechas
(Howard included) that the Earth Government somehow salvaged the original
Tallgeese left by Zechs in space when he left it and got the Wing Zero.
remember that even if they self destruct the mechas in Gundam Wing, there's
still enough left to rebuild it. and example is the Wing. another angle is
that since the mecha was made by the 6 scientists for Oz, the Earth
Government would still have the blueprints to in and made one for Traize for
the final battle.

the Tallgeese 3 is a completely new mecha, taking the base design of
Tallgeese, powering up the gun ala Wing's buster rifle, and that whip thingy
of the Epyon. although there's no reference as to who made this mecha, my
guess would be Howard (again, I believe that only the 6 scientists can
design new mecha in the seriesn, and Howard was the only mecha scientist
left after the TV series)

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