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> With all this talk about 0080 and 0083 are there any thoughts about
> Fighter G Gundam?
> I have not seen any of the series other than the 2 intros. The animation
> looks good (it should for an into) and although the premise about Gundams
> fighting a la Street fighter seems enjoyable, it could have some good
> lines yes?
> I have read many, many bad comments about G but has anyone actually seen
> whole series?
> Should I rent it? I found both G and V Gundam for rent at a store but
> about a hour drive away from me and I was thinking about renting several
> tapes at a time if it was deemed worthy.....

like most Gundam TV series, there are some lame moments in the beginning and
the middle, although the story gets better towards the end. don't expect
military style action like the UC series, this is more of a super robot type
series where they literally punch each other's lights out.

the story is about the future when mankind has colonized outerspace. earth
is somewhat devastated from all the wars and pollution. unlike in UC Gundam
where the earth is more or less united, here the countries still quarel. to
decide which country will lead all the colonies in the next 3 years, a
Gundam tournament is held, wherein each country will send a Gundam fighter
(the pilot) and a Mobile Fighter (the Gundam).

so more or less expect at least 20 different Gundams here. the most notable
ones have scale model kits, while about a dozen or so don't. they have
finishing moves, like the Shining Finger of the Shining Gundam, and even a
hyper-mode. think Super Saiyajin, the mecha turns to gold and there is a
power increase.

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