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> > Yeah. I've heard Tomino state that his goal, first and foremost, was to
> > start a new direction for Gundam, maybe even start a new story. The
> > references to past Gundam series are just thrown in their to appease
> > whiners out there who can't resist saying..."This isn't Gundam..."
> >
> That's actually a really interesting parallel here.
> When Beast Wars Transformers started, many of the original G1 fans
> dismissed it out of hand (these aren't transformers, they turn into
> animals!).
> However, once people watched it, they accepted it for what it was and
> enjoyed
> it for what it was. Every now and then, the writers threw in a reference
> G1
> (starscream's ghost posessing waspinator, Ravage, finding the Autobot
> etc)
> that was either a throwaway reference (starscream's ghost) or a major
> point
> (realizing they're on earth, and finding the autobot ark, with Prime, et
> all).
> When I first saw the Turn A Gundam, I frankly hated it. I still do, and I
> still do,
> for the most part. The head ... the moustache ... ack .. but back on
> I've yet
> to get to see any of it, but from what I've read, the story DOES sound
> and
> I'm quite looking forward to watching it.
> Slightly OT from this bit, why is that other Gundam called Turn X?
> make
> much sense to me. Turn A is actually that. An upside down A. The logic
> symbol
> that means "for all cases" essentially. However, since most people
> taken a
> logic course, it was called Turn A Gundam. But why Turn X? A rotated X
> is still an X?

When you think about it, the title isn't misleading. Sure, a Turn X is still
an "X", but it does make sense, because it's no lie. I think mostly it was
used so people don't say, "X" or "X Gundam" (which it isn't at all)


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