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> Yeah. I've heard Tomino state that his goal, first and foremost, was to
> start a new direction for Gundam, maybe even start a new story. The
> references to past Gundam series are just thrown in their to appease the
> whiners out there who can't resist saying..."This isn't Gundam..."

That's actually a really interesting parallel here.
When Beast Wars Transformers started, many of the original G1 fans
dismissed it out of hand (these aren't transformers, they turn into
However, once people watched it, they accepted it for what it was and
it for what it was. Every now and then, the writers threw in a reference to
(starscream's ghost posessing waspinator, Ravage, finding the Autobot Ark,
that was either a throwaway reference (starscream's ghost) or a major plot
(realizing they're on earth, and finding the autobot ark, with Prime, et

When I first saw the Turn A Gundam, I frankly hated it. I still do, and I
still do,
for the most part. The head ... the moustache ... ack .. but back on track.
I've yet
to get to see any of it, but from what I've read, the story DOES sound cool,
I'm quite looking forward to watching it.

Slightly OT from this bit, why is that other Gundam called Turn X? Doesn't
much sense to me. Turn A is actually that. An upside down A. The logic
that means "for all cases" essentially. However, since most people haven't
taken a
logic course, it was called Turn A Gundam. But why Turn X? A rotated X ...
is still an X?

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