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David \"Jojo\" Wong wrote:

> In terms of animation, 0083 definitely has a bigger budget, and the battles
> are choreographed to look prettier than 0080, if less realistic. I see no
> problem with that. 0083 isn't shooting for military realism. 0083's
> characters pose and move like larger-than-life figures, as opposed to 0080's
> more subtle character movements. Again, there's no problem with that. Both
> series have different goals.
> Jojo

Choreographed prettier, maybe, but the actual animation, the in-betweens and
such, technically, was far less than 0080 and 08th MS Team. Now, maybe that's
because they had so many mechs in so many scenes that they weren't about to
waste all their time trying to finesse the movements of the arms and legs but
0083 was really lacking in movement detail. I wasn't making any comment about
prettier vs. realistic so much as jerky vs. precise.


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